Sunday, June 8, 2014

Montauk "The End"

Montauk "The End"

A secluded peaceful beach on the Atlantic with a laid back vibe awaits the summer traveler...

After a long and brutal winter in New York city I ventured to the end of the island and found myself on one of the most peaceful beaches I had ever seen.

Where to Stay

Ruchmeyer's: A place to see and be seen

If your looking for a rustic hotel combined with outdoor night life and, this is your place.  Rushmeyer's is Nestled underneath canopied trees with cabins along the shore line that date back to the 1952. A few years ago the place was revamped but still holds true to its roots.  Its community vibe makes it good for families as well as couples.  Standard queen rooms start at $440 per night with a two night minimum.  At the restaurant you will find assorted fresh seafood dishes by the chefs of "The Smile" in New York.  The hotel also is situated on "Fort Pond" and offers: Bike rentals, paddle board lessons, yoga and free in room wifi.  You will truly feel like you are staying at a camp for grown ups, which is a good thing if you ask me.

Venturing out

If your looking to explore or just want to try something different for breakfast or lunch "Jonie's kitchen" is a local favorite.  They have an assortment of breakfast options including a tasty acai bowl with granola, egg wraps and fresh smoothies/ juices.

Jonie's Kitchen is located on South Edison Street between South Etna ave and South Elmwood avenue.

Your Retreat Awaits

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